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Aquarium Substrate/Sand

Sand is used in aquariums for aesthetic reasons and it also provides the surface area necessary for nitrifying bacteria to grow. We carry the CaribSea Florida Crushed Coral, Seafloor Special Grade Reef Sand, Aragamax Sugar Sized Sand. Typically, you should have 2-3 inches of sand in a saltwater aquarium. For all the CaribSea sand we carry we list the total cubic inches of coverage for that sand.

For freshwater planted tanks we carry Aqueon Plant & Shrimp Aquarium Substrate, Seachem Flourite Black Sand, Seachem Flourite Red Gravel and Seachem Flourite Black Gravel in 15.4 lb bags.
Aqueon Substrates
Aqueon Plant and Shrimp Aquarium Substrate is an ideal choice for freshwater aquatic environments
CaribSea Substrates
CaribSea Seafloor, Florida Crushed Coral & Aragamax are the most popular substrates for saltwater & reef aquariums
Fluval Stratum
Fluval Plant & Shrimp Stratum is the ideal substrate for stimulating the growth of aquatic plants in freshwater aquariums.
Seachem Flourite Gravel & Sand
Seachem Flourite Black Sand, Black Gravel and Red Gravel for planted tanks in 15.4 lb bags.