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Aquariums by AquaTop Aquariums by Aqueon (for shrimp) SALE!!
The AquaTop High Clarity Glass Cube Aquariums are constructed of low iron glass with a 91% light-through rate. The view from these high clarity cubes is outstanding. 2.11 gallons, 4.12 gallons, 7.13 gallons and 11.33 gallons.
We carry the Aqueon 7.5 Gallon Gallon LED Shrimp Aquarium Kit and the Aqueon 8.75 Gallon Designer LED Shrimp Aquarium Kit. Includes LED light, filter, substrate, water conditioner and setup guide.
Aquariums by BiOrb Aquariums by Cobalt Aquatics
The BiOrb Aquariums come in various sizes and shapes. We carry the Classic, Cube, Life, Halo, Flow & Tube Aquariums (and the Air Terrarium). BiOrbs can be individualized by choosing from the many dozens of decorations designed specifically for the BiOrbs. Choose from the 15 liters (4 gallons), 30 liters (8 gallons), 45 liters (12 gallons) and 60 liters (16 gallons) sizes. These aquariums are a great choice for those wanting to beautify an office, living room, bedroom, family room or even kitchen or bathroom.
Each Cobalt Aquatics Microvue3 Nano Aquarium Kit comes complete with a crystal clear glass cube aquarium with clear silicone sealant, the all new Clearvue 20 internal filter, 6 watt LED light, glass top and a foam under pad. The Microvue3 aquariums are the perfect choice for planted tanks, bettas, glow fish,
shrimp tanks, goldfish, small community fish and even a nano reef.
Aquariums by Coralife Aquariums by JBJ
All the Coralife BioCube Aquariums come complete with lighting, media and a return pump, and they're ideal for nano reef tanks with soft corals. We carry both the Coralife Size 16 LED BioCube Aquarium and Coralife Size 32 LED BioCube Aquarium. For those wanting to do reef version we offer versions with protein skimmers, salt, rock, saltwater test kits, hydrometers, etc. For those wanting to do a planted tank we have versions with CO2, freshwater additives, freshwater sand and more.
JBJ has a wide variety of aquariums ranging from 3 gallons up to 28 gallons. They all come with lights and filtration. For tanks with covered (with integrated lighting) we have the Nano Cube Aquariums and the Cubey Aquariums. For the open top look we off the JBJ Flat Panel Rimless and the JBJ Rimless Desktop Series Aquariums.
Aquariums by Lifegard, Crystal Aquariums by Lifegard, Full View
The Lifegard Aquatics Cystal Aquariums feature 45 edges and ultra-clear low-iron glass. The glue joints are invisible. Crystal tanks are rimless and made of ultra-low iron glass which allows the viewer an undisturbed viewing of their underwater masterpiece. Includes a back filtration compartment with return pump and filtration media. They come with either a filter on the side or the back. Six sizes to choose from.
The Lifegard Aquatics Full View Aquariums are not your traditional flat front square or cube tank. The angled front allows the user to have a larger viewing area inside the tank when placed at the same level with a flat front tank. No more bending down to enjoy the life inside the aquarium. This modern designed aquarium comes complete with all the Lifegard Submersible Nano Filter, LED lighting, heater, algae cleaner, led thermometer and net.
Aquariums by Penn-Plax Aquariums by Red Sea
The Penn-Plax AquaTerriums are innovative aquatic ecosystems. The multi-level pool and aquarium design provides a truly unique aquatic experience while enhancing your home's decor. These AquaTerrium Lagoons combines 2 separate and protected living environments through a combined filtration unit. Includes lid, integrated internal filter, rock structure and water pump. Perfect for nano fish, freshwater tropical fish crayfish, crabs and shrimp.
Our Red Sea offerings range from the Max Nano to the 92 gallon Reefer Deluxe Aquarium. The Reefer Deluxe Aquariums come with lighting (but not pump or protein skimmer) while the standard Reefer Aquariums come without the pump, filter and lighting. They're a great choice for those wanting to individualize their aquarium.
Aquarium Decorations & Accessories: Aquarium Replacement Parts & Media
These decorations and accessories are made specifically for particular aquariums. We also have a general Decorations section.
Replacement Parts & Media for the Red Sea Max, JBJ Nano Cube, Coralife BioCube, AquaTop, BiOrb Aquariums and more.