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Aquarium & Pond UV Sterilizers

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UV Sterilizer Overview
UV Sterilizer Troubleshooting Guide
UV Sterilizers
Our UV Sterilizers run the gamut of in-tank & nano tank UVs to industrial units for large ponds. With offerings from Lifegard Aquatics, Aqua Ultraviolet, Emperor Aquatics, AquaTop, JBJ, Coralife and Aqua Medic we have something for every situation. more info
UV Sterilizer Replacement Lamps
Assuming full time use, lamps should be replaced once a year. Please keep in mind that you need to use a lamp made by the same company that made your UV sterilizer. Lamps are usually not cross-compatible as UV lamps are modified T5 bulbs and every manufacturer does it a little differently.
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UV Sterilizer Replacement Parts
The most commonly needed UV sterilizer replacement parts (other than lamps, which are in their own section) are the delicate quartz sleeves and ballasts (power supply). We also have o-rings and various fittings for most of the UVs we carry.
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