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Sera Alder Cones Sera Alder Cones

Product Code: RSE45246
The Sera Alder Cones prevent fungal infections and spawn fungus in a natural way. Additionally, they support natural behavior and readiness to spawn, and they lower the pH value of the water. Alder cones are suitable for preparing black water, which ideally recreates the natural living conditions and thus allows for appropriate care. 50 cones.

Application: add 1 cone per 2.6 gallons of aquarium water. Dosage can be up to 1 cone per quart for supporting disease treatments. However, the pH value needs to be monitored when doing so.

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Sera Shrimp Mineral Salt Sera Shrimp Mineral Salt

Product Code: RSE03398
Shrimp and other water inhabitants take up a part of their essential minerals and trace elements not via their food but directly via the water. However, aquarium water does not contain many of these essential substances in sufficient amounts.

Sera Shrimp Mineral Salt provides all important trace elements as well as valuable calcium, magnesium and potassium in a directed way. This effectively avoids molting problems and reliably closes supply gaps.

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Sera Catappa Leaves M Sera Catappa Leaves M

Product Code: RSE45244
Sera Catappa Leaves are tropical almond leaves for natural water conditioning. The Catappa Leaves condition the water as in natural biotopes. The leaves support natural behavior and readiness to spawn in ornamental fish and shrimps. Furthermore they prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Due to their astringent properties, they support the healing process after injuries. Shrimps, other crustaceans and catfish readily accept the tropical almond leaves as additional food. To use put one leaf per each 15 gallons of aquarium water into the tank. Size M. 10 leaves.

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Sera Bio Nitrivec 1.3 gallon Sera Bio Nitrivec, 1.3 gallon

Product Code: RSE03780
The dangerous toxic substances ammonium and nitrite are being formed permanently in aquarium water. Sera Bio Nitrivec, a Sera biotechnology product, contains millions of purification bacteria, by whose support a stable biological equilibrium forms quickly and reliably so the occurring toxic substances are broken down continuously. 1.3 gallons.

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