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Aquarium Timers
Timers: Coralife SALE!! Timers: Hamilton/AquaEuro
The Coralife Power Center Timer & Digital Power Center Timer are a great choice if you need to control two different types of lights independently.
Hamilton Technology Digital Aquarium Timers come with dual inputs and feature a LCD digital clock and readout. The AquaEuro is an a traditional dial based dual grounded timer.

For just about any aquarium you will want to use a timer for the lighting. Timers are also often used for pumps and uv sterilizers.

About Aquarium Light Timers:
To do the dawn/dusk effect and to control lunar lights (LEDs) you will want to use the Coralife Aqualight Power Center Aquarium Timer. To be able to turn on all your aquarium lights together and to turn on the lunar lights when the aquarium lights are turned off you can use the Coralife Digital Power Center Aquarium Timer (you can not do the dawn/dusk effect with this timer).

The dawn/dust effect refers to the practice of running the actinic bulbs for a longer period than the daylight bulbs. A typical reef aquarium dawn/dusk setup is as follows:
  1. Run the two actinic (blue) power compact bulbs for 12 hours a day (i.e. 10AM to 10PM).
  2. Run the two daylight compact bulbs for 10 hours a day. The daylight bulbs need to be run simultaneously with the actinic bulbs (i.e. 11AM to 9PM).
  3. Run the lunar lights (LEDs) the 12 hours a day that the power compacts bulbs are turned off. If you instead run the lunar lights 24 hours a day, this is not a problem.