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Other Aquarium Filters
Automatic Fleece Filters
The Klir Drop In Automatic Fleece Filter automatically unrolls new filtering material, removing suspended particles from your aquarium and producing crystal clear water.
Biological Filters
The Avast Marine Vibe is a completely automatic zeovit reactor. It's the first of its kind and a long anticipated product from Avast Marine.
Sponge Filters
The AquaTop CAF-10 Internal Sponge Filters are a simple, classic and economical sponge filter for beginner and advanced aquarists alike. The specially developed foam materials of each CAF sponge filter supports the colonization of bacteria, allowing for mechanical and biological filtration. The process breaks down harmful ammonia and nitrite material resulting in a cleaner living environment for your fish.
Chemical Filtration: Reactors
Aquarium Reactors
Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactors, Via-Aqua Poly-Reactors, Aqua Medic Phosphatfilter FE & Bashsea Media Chambers
We carry the Ozotech Ozonizers. Ozotech only does ozone, and they do it very well. The Corona Discharge Unit is replaceable by the aquarium hobbyist in just a few minutes, where other brands require the user to buy a new unit when the corona discharge wears out.
Surface Skimmers

Undergravel Filters: Penn-Plax
The Penn-Plax Premium Undergravel Filters are two plate filter systems with 1" adjustable lift tubes that will keep your aquarium crystal clear.
Wet Dry Filters