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Aquarium Pumps

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Aquarium Pump Overview
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Why Should You Use A Wavemaker?
External Main System Pumps for Aquariums
External main system pumps typically are under the tank or next to the sump. The largest pumps we carry (Iwaki, Little Giant & ReeFlo) fit into this category. Some of the pumps in this section, such as the Rossmont Riser and Hydor SeltzD, Reef Octopus & Supreme Mag Drive, can either be used submersed or externally. Some of these smaller pumps can be controlled. The pumps in this section can have plumbing connected to both the intake and return. If your external pump is in or next to the sump, or if there is a great deal of back pressure on the pump from a filter or a long vertical rise (e.g. pump in the basement), you will want to purchase a high head pressure rated pump. more info
Flow Pumps & Wavemakers for Aquariums
Flow pumps, sometimes referred to as power heads, are designed for maximum water movement. These pumps do not have inlets or outlets for connecting to plumbing or other equipment. Many of these pumps, such as the Rossmont Mover and Hydor Koralia, have a very large round outlet. In recent years we have seen the emergence of gyre-style flow pumps, such as the Maxspect Gyre and IceCap Gyre.  The more sophisticated flow pumps either have a controller or can be connected to a controller to create wave flow. more info
Submersible Pumps for Aquariums
The pumps in this category are often referred to as power heads. These pumps can be submersed in water and they can also be connected to plumbing. These pumps have a wide variety of uses. They might be used as a main system pump submersed in the sump or aquarium. They might also have a filter, uv, chiller or in-line heater between the pump and the return to the tank. Or, they may be used to power a specific piece of equipment, such as a media reactor, UV sterilizer, chiller or protein skimmer.
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Aquarium Pump/Powerhead Replacement Parts
Along with the usual breakable/wearable parts, impellers and impeller shafts, we carry volutes, covers, o-rings, pre-filters and more for the various pumps and powerheads we sell.
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Pond Pumps
We're mostly an aquarium products company, but we have a few pond pumps. Do not use these pumps with salt water.
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We highly recommend using a wavemaker. The wave motion eliminates "dead zones" in the tank and improves overall tank health.

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