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Aquarium Pumps & Aquarium Powerheads

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Aquarium Pump Overview
Why Use A DC Aquarium Pump?
Why Should You Use A Wavemaker?
Aquarium Powerheads
This section includes just the aquarium powerheads. We define a powerhead as a pump that moves water inside an aquarium. An aquarium pump has an inlet/outlet and attaches to hose. However, there are some pumps/powerheads in this section that can also be used an a pump. They're in this section because they're submersible and have a front cover grill/foam that covers the inlet.
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Aquarium Pumps
This section includes just the aquarium pumps. We define an aquarium pump as one with an inlet and outlet that can be attached to a hose in order to connect to bulkhead fittings, overflow boxes, filters, chillers, uv sterilizers, chillers, etc. We also have a section with aquarium powerheads, which are generally just used for the movement of water inside the tank. Some pumps are also submersible and those pumps we've included in the Aquarium Powerhead section as well as this section. more info
Pond Pumps
We're mostly an aquarium products company, but we have a few pond pumps. Do not use these pumps with salt water.
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Aquarium Pump/Powerhead Replacement Parts
Along with the usual breakable/wearable parts, impellers and impeller shafts, we carry volutes, covers, o-rings, pre-filters and more for the various pumps and powerheads we sell.
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We highly recommend using a wavemaker. The wave motion eliminates "dead zones" in the tank and improves overall tank health.

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