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LED Reef Aquarium Lighting
This section features LED lights with the wattage and color temperature necessary for reef tanks. You might also consider a T5/HO aquarium light or a T5/LED hybrid for your reef aquarium light.

We also carry lower wattage aquarium LED lights for fish only tanks, moonlights and accent lighting in the LED Aquarium Lighting section, and lights for freshwater tanks with plants in the Planted Tank LED Aquarium Light section.

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LED Reef Lighting:
AquaticLife White T5/LED Hybrid
The AquaticLife White T5/LED Hybrid Light w/ Mounting Systems are the best choice for use with AI White HD and Prime LED Lights, but can also be used for the Black AI, Kessil or EcoTech Lights. The Lights include two 2-lamp T5/HO lights and brackets for the LED lights. Neither the LEDs or the T5 lamps are included.
LED Reef Lighting:
AquaticLife Black T5/LED Hybrid
The AquaticLife Black T5/LED Hybrid Light w/ Mounting Systems combine a T5/HO light with a housing for a variety of high end pendant LEDs. The Lights include two 2-lamp T5/HO lights and brackets for AI, Kessil & EcoTech pendant LED lights in the middle. Neither the LEDs or the T5 lamps are included.
LED Reef Lighting:
AquaticLife Edge
The AquaticLife Edge REEF LED Sunrise + Sunset Functions enable the LEDs to be easily programmed to slowly turn on or off in 10 minute increments over a two-hour period of time, thereby creating a variety of different Sunrise and Sunset effects.
LED Reef Lighting:
AquaticLife Halo
The AquaticLife HALO LED Reef Aquarium Light Fixtures come in either the controllable MX80 or non-controllable M80 versions—both powerful enough for hard corals in tanks up to 24 inches deep. The Aquatic Life HALO LED fixtures' color and light intensity are easily adjusted with the simple turn of a dial.
LED Reef Lighting:
AquaticLife High Wattage
The AquaticLife 3 Watt LED Expert Series Light Fixtures uses American-Made Cree LED's driven to produce high PAR with low energy consumption. The light can easily be adjusted to adapt to a changing tank environment by programming up to three independent 24 hour light cycles.
LED Reef Lighting:
AquaTop SkyLED
The AquaTop SkyLEDs feature adjustable leg mounts, fanless operation for pin-drop silence, a protective splash guard and an extra long power cord for setup flexibility. There are versions for both reef aquariums and planted tanks.
LED Reef Lighting:
Despite its small size the Cetus 2 packs a ton of power and features that you really only expect from larger aquarium light fixtures. The Cetus 2 LED is about the size of half a grapefruit but it packs 84 watts of maximum power which is aggressively cooled using a patented Copper substrate and a small, super quiet fan on the radial heat sink.
LED Reef Lighting:
Cobalt Aquatics C-Ray 200
The Cobalt Aquatics C-Ray 200 LED Reef Aquarium Light incorporates everything you will need in a single package. The features includes wireless control allowing you to set your own custom program or download one from a fellow reefer, to multiple different mounting solutions making it the perfect LED system for any coral reef tank.
LED Reef Lighting:
Coralife Seascape LED Fixture
The Coralife Seascape LED Light Fixtures feature a 24-Hour timer that allow you to independently control white LED's, blue moon glow LEDs and color enhancing RGB LEDs. Automatic 30 min ramp times to mimic a gradual sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset environment. 18-24", 30-36" & 48-54" versions.
LED Reef Lighting:
Fluval Sea Marine 3.0
With 6 unique LEDs, the German-engineered Fluval Sea Marine 3.0 LED Lights provide your corals full spectrum exposure for vibrant growth, color and health. These lights features Bluetooth control. With the 3.0 version you will not need a WiFi LED Controller.
LED Reef Lighting:
Giesemann Aurora-Hybrid LED/T5 Fixture
With Giesemann’s Aurora-Hybrid LED/T5 Fixtures there are no more hot-spots or shaded coral branches. Corals under the Aurora are literally bathed in light from a wide range of overlapping angles. 0-100% dimmable T-5 lamps controllable via Bluetooth. 0-100% fully controllable multi-channel LED boards via Bluetooth.
LED Reef Lighting:
Giesemann VERVvE
The Giesemann VERVvE LED Aquarium Lights are elegantly crafteded full-spectrum lighting fixtures with unmatched performance, unprecedented control and full customization. The VerVvE PLUS features wireless Bluetooth communication.
LED Reef Lighting:
Hydor Aqamai
The Hydor Aqamai LRM-LED WiFi 100W Reef Lights are fully programmable through the Aqamai App. The sleek and stylish design of 20mm thick overall includes a silent cooling system, 2 clusters of 15 LEDs, 100W and 6 channels of color manageable by mobile application.
LED Reef Lighting:
JBJ Orion SL-Series
The JBJ Orion Aquarium LED Reef Lights feature high intensity Blues, Royal Blues, Cool White CREE XT-L LEDs, and UV-Semi LEDs that are appropriate for reef aquariums. The 120 degree optics allows the SL-Series to radiate the LEDs without dark spots or shadowing.
LED Reef Lighting:
JBJ Unibody & Pacifica
The JBJ Unibody 54 Watt Advanced LED Aquarium Lighting System features blue and white LEDs that can be independently dimmed and is contained in a low profile aluminum housing
LED Reef Lighting:
Kessil A360X, AP700, A80, A160, A360NE & A360WE

We highly recommend the Kessil A360X, A360WE, AP700, A150W, A80, A160WE, A360WE and A360NE LED Light Fixtures and the Kessil Spectral Controller. The Kessil lights are the premium compact, clamp-mounted LED reef aquarium lights on the market. This section has the Kessil Lights for Reef Aquariums. We also have a section with Kessil Planted Tank LED Aquarium Lights.

LED Reef Lighting:
Kessil Packages
We highly recommend the Kessil AP700, A160WE & A360WE LED Aquarium Lights. In this section we make it easy to get the right combinations of Kessil LED Lights, Goosenecks, Controllers, Mounting Arms and Cables. We also have packages that combine the Kessil with the AquaticLife T5 Hybrid/LED Lights.
LED Reef Lighting:
Kessil Refugium Grow Lights
These Kessil LED Refugium Grow Lights are not reef lights, but are appropriate for refugiums that often accompany reef tanks. There are no white LEDs in the Kessil Refugium Grow Lights, just blues and reds in the right proportion to stimulate the chlorophyll of plants, be it plant clones from a garden, or marine plants.
LED Reef Lighting:
Lifegard Aquatics Power-3 High Output Reef LED Lights
The Lifegard Aquatics Power-3 High Output Reef LED Lights are designed for reef systems. The high output (14000K) LED’s deliver full spectrum and light intensity capable of supporting reefs. The unique design and shape of the LED focuses all light inside the aquarium where it is needed. Sizes from 18” up to 48”.
LED Reef Lighting:
Zetlight LED Reef Aquarium Lights
For nano tanks there is the Zetlight UFO ZE-8300 96W LED Reef Aquarium Light. For those who want a fixture for tanks from 24 to 59 inches there is the ZT-6500II 90W (up to 35 inches), the ZT-6600II (up to 47"), and the ZT-6800II (up to 59"). The Zetlights have many features mostly found in much pricier lights, such as WiFi control, colorblending, ample actinic spectrum light, and deep penetration into the aquarium. The Zetlights are a good choice for those who want hard corals as well as soft corals.