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Aquarium Food & Feeders

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Aquarium Fish Food:
Brightwell Aquatics
Aquarium Fish Food:
Planktonic Foods
Garlic Power, PhytoChrom, PhytoGold, PhytoGreen, Zooplanktos-L Zooplankton, Zooplanktos-M Zooplankton & Zooplanktos-S Zooplankton
Food For Freshwater Shrimp
Aquarium Fish Food:
Ocean Star International
Aquarium Fish Food:
Planktonic Foods
Food For Marine & Freshwater Aquarium Fish
Freshwater fish foods: Flower Horn Pellets, Discus Flakes & Blood Red Parrot Pellets. Marine fish foods: Marine Flake, Marine Pellets & Spirulina Flake.
Fine Food For Filter Feeders and Finicky Fish
Aquarium Fish Food:
San Francisco Bay Brand
Aquarium Fish Food:
Sera Freshwater
Food For Marine & Large Freshwater Aquarium Fish
San Francisco Bay Brand Bloodworms-Freeze Dried, Shrimp Freeze Dried Cubes, Freeze Dried Tubifex Worms, Krill-Freeze Dried & Plankton Freeze Dried.
Food For Freshwater Aquarium Fish
Sera Discus Granules, Flora, Goldy, GVG-mix, San & Vipan.
Aquarium Fish Food:
Sera Saltwater
Aquarium Fish Food:
Two Little Fishies
Food For Marine Aquarium Fish
Sera Fishtamin, Granumarin & GVG-Mix.
Food For Marine Aquarium Fish
Two Little Fishies Sea Veggies Green Flakes & Sea Veggies Mixed Seaweed Flake. Feeding accessories: Veggie Mags & Lettuce Clips.
Feeding Accessories:
Brine Shrimp Hatcheries
Feeding Accessories:
Fish Feeders
Tom Continuous Hatch 'N Feeder Brine Shrimp Corral and Sera Artemia Breeding Kit
A necessity if you're going on vacation for even a couple days. Current USA AquaChef Auto Fish Feeder, Eheim Battery Operated Auto Feeder, Eheim Twin Fish Feeder, Hydor Ekomixo Fish Feeder, Battery Operated & Pentair Aquatics Lifegard Fish Feeder and Hopper.
Food Accessories:
Feeding Tools
Food Supplements
The Kent Marine SeaSquirt Feeding Tool extends to 35 inches for deep tanks or hard-to-reach areas.

Pond Fish Food: Laguna Goldfish & Koi Food

  • The Instant Ocean food line offers a variety of flake, pellet, grazing block and gel foods for marine fish. The gel foods are an alternative to frozen food and they do not require refrigeration.
  • Freeze-drying food preserves almost as much nutritional value as freezing food. We offer the San Francisco Bay Brand of freeze-dried foods with varieties for both marine and freshwater fishes.
  • Flake foods tend be a mixture of different foods rather than a single food. offers the Ocean Star International (O.S.I.) line of flake foods, with varieties for both saltwater and freshwater fishes. The sera line of flake foods are very specific to certain species such as goldfish, discus, cichlids, ornamental fish and carps. The sera products have been separated into pages for freshwater and saltwater.
  • Pelletized food appeals to certain varieties of carnivores because the shape better mimics the qualities of live food than either flake or freeze-dried foods. Ocean Star offers Marine Pellets.
  • The closest to a natural food we offer is Julian Sprung's Sea Veggies. These seaweed products have been freeze-dried, but they have undergone less processing than other freeze-dried foods. Vegetarian fishes, such as tangs, algelfishes and certain damselfishes and blennies love dried seaweed.
  • An excellent choice for your soft and stony corals, anenomes, feather duster worms, clams, sponges, tunicates and other filter feeders is Marine Snow.
  • Freeze-dried foods can be fortified with Selcon, a highly unsaturated fatty acid that includes stabilized vitamin C and vitamin B12. Other excellent supplements are Boyd's Vita-Chem Marine and Vita-Chem freshwater.
  • Feed your fish a wide variety of foods. As with humans this will help to insure they get the range of required nutrients.
  • Freeze-dried and flake foods should not be the staple diet of marine fish, but should be used to supplement fresh and frozen foods.
  • Opened flake food may lose food value or even develop mold or bacterial growth. Only purchase food in quatities that can be consumed within a couple months. Store food in the refrigerator.