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UltraLife X-Terminator Mantis Shrimp Trap UltraLife X-Terminator Mantis Shrimp Trap

Product Code: RUL10100
The UltraLife X-Terminator Mantis Shrimp Trap is a must-have item. Do you have fish that started going missing in your tank? Do you hear that suspicious clicking coming from your live rock? Chances are if you have live rock, you have hitch-hikers, like harmful mantis shrimp, pistol shrimp or crabs. This X-Terminator trap is the answer to this problem. It quickly helps you to remove any unwanted creature, even in the hardest situations.

The X-Terminator trap uses a unique mechanism that is sensitive to the slightest movements to trap these tiny creatures without interfering with larger organisms. You can adjust the sensitivity mechanism to catch larger or smaller creatures, making the X-Terminator useful for all sorts of situations. Do not play around with the safety of your fish! Get your X-Terminator today.

5.65" X 1.5" X 1.5"

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