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Aquarium Controllers, Monitors, Testing Equipment & Test Kits
Controllers & Monitors Auto Top Off Controllers
& Dosing
We carry a variety of equipment from American Marine, Milwaukee and Neptune Systems to monitor and control pH, ORP, salinity and much more.
Auto Top Off Self-Leveling Controllers automatically replenish water to a sump or tank. Dosing pumps automatically and slowly replenish liquid supplements.
GFCI Adapters Hydrometers & Refractometers
All aquarium equipment should be plugged into a GFCI. If your wall plugs and your timers do not have a GFCI, this is the next best thing.
Hydrometers and refractometers for measuring aquarium salinity.
Test Kits Thermometers
We carry test kits from Red Sea, Seachem, API and more for everything from pH, alkalinity and calcium to nitrate, iodine, phosphate and magnesium.

Digital and non-digital thermometers from a variety of manufacturers.
Digital and non-digital aquarium timers lights, pumps and more from Coralife & Hamilton/AquEuro.