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Inland Seas Citric Acid Pump Cleaner (2 oz)
Inland Seas Citric Acid Pump Cleaner (2 oz)

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Brand & Manufacturer: Inland Seas Citric Acid Pump Cleaner

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Product Code: RIS50003

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Over time, aquarium pumps and powerheads can start to have mineral deposits or coralline algae build-up, which can hamper the performance. Keeping your pumps clean will lead to a longer life and better efficiency. Just create a liquid solution with the Inland Seas Citric Acid, and after a quick soak, deposits will start to dissolve, requiring minimal effort for complete removal.

The Inland Seas Citric Acid Pump Cleaners can also be used with many other pieces of aquarium equipment. This long list includes aquarium heaters, protein skimmers, UV quartz sleeves, empty aquariums and much more.

NOTE: Do NOT put the Citric Acid directly into the tank.

To use: Add the entire contents of the Inland Seas Citric Acid Pump Cleaner (2 oz) to 1 quart of RO/DI water and mix until the citric acid has fully dissolved. Once the citric acid solution has dissolved, you can use a squirt bottle and brush to clean your equipment. For thicker coralline algae or other stubborn deposits, soaking the equipment in the citric acid solution for a couple hours may be required. After cleaning is complete, dispose of any excess dirty solution and rinse any equipment with water to remove excess citric acid solution before placing it back into your aquarium. The unused solution can be stored indefinitely.
Inland Seas Citric Acid

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