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CPR Aquatic Refugiums Refugium Lights
CPR Aquatic Refugiums are designed to hang on the back of the tank and include an appropriate powerhead. CPR lights designed to fit the refugiums can also be purchased.
All refugiums require lighting. Refugium lights typically use daylight color temperature bulbs.
Refugium Live Mud & Substrate
Using a specialized refugium substrate will increase the growth of useful macro-algae in a refugium
Refugium General Info
A refugium is a tank that shares water with the main aquarium--much like a sump. Some refugiums hang off the back of the tank and some sit under the tank. The refugium can be used to grow macro algae and to provide a safe haven for animals that may be preyed on in the main tank.
  • Refugiums provides a controlled growing area for macroalgae, reducing the unappealing algae in the main tank. A great benefit of this is that the algae in the refugium will consume phosphates, nitrates and ammonium.
  • Organisms you might create a safe haven for in a refugium include "feeder" organisms such as feeder fish, copepods and amphipods. These organisms can be reproduced safely and then added to the main tank as needed.
  • New fish or fish that are being bullied can find safe haven in a refugium.
  • A refugium increases the amount of water in your system, which is always beneficial.
We carry a number of CPR Refugiums, including hang-on and sump style.

Refugium lights are small compact lights with full spectrum bulbs. Although many lights could be used for a refugium, these lights are either designed specifically for refugiums or were designed with refugiums in mind.