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Saltwater Decorations

AquaTop AquaRock Resin Ornaments AquaTop Silicone Aquarium Decor
The realistic AquaTop AquaRock resin stone decor makes the perfect addition to your aquarium by helping to create a natural look and feel, without affecting your water parameters. These life-like ornaments are made from a non-toxic polyresin can be used as an alternative to live rock in a saltwater aquarium application.
Aquatop’s life-like Silicone Aquarium Decor ranges from corals, lionfish and angelfish to jellyfish, stingrays and tridacta clams
Artificial Coral Decorations O.S.I. Ornaments
14 resin Artificial Corals designs and 2 Artificial Star Fish designs to choose from
O.S.I. employs professional designers to develop well-crafted, detailed ornaments that you will be proud to display. They include both hard resin (polyethylene) ornaments and soft, movable, rubber sea animal designs. These high-quality items will enhance the beauty of your aquarium environment.
Tsunami Coral Reefs
Tsunami Coral Reefs Coral/Rock Replicas feature vibrant colors and details that others in the industry are unable to reproduce. Their products are lighter, stronger and longer lasting that competing products. The materials used will withstand exposure to salts, UV and the effects of harsh scrubing and powerwashing to clean the environment. All the colors are integrated into the materials used in the manufacturing process. Competing products may be cheaper, but they will deteriorate quickly.

Tsunami also uses food grade material that it is pure, stable, clean, and safe for your animals. They don't use unstable and potentially poisinous fiber glass resins that other companies use. The Replicas also have a protectant that algae finds it difficult to bond to, ensuring easy cleanings.