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Aquarium Decorations

Artificial aquarium decorations are becoming more and more realistic--and more than a few times we've had aquarists unable to distinguish between the natural and artificial live rock, corals and plants in our display tanks. Not only are they realistic looking, but at the end of the day--because they do not die or require the water quality and lighting of real organisms--aquarium decorations will save you money. We carry the Underwater Treasures Coral Replicas, Marina Ecoscaper Silk Aquarium Plants and Tetra Water Wonders Decorative Plants, AquaTop Decorative Plants & EShopps Imitation Jellyfish.
AquaTop Decorative Plants EShopps Imitation Animals
AquaTop decorative plants are made of either plastic or resin and are for freshwater tanks. The weighted base will help keep them in place.
The EShopps Imitation Jellyfish & Lionfish are very detailed and they will float move with the water currents. Glow in the dark effect.
Hydor H2 Show Decorations Marina & Fluval Decorations
The Hydor H2 Show Decorations include the Volcano Kit w/ Red LED Light & Bubble Maker and the Crystal Kits w/ LED Lights & Bubble Makers.
These artificial rocks made for the Fluval line of small aquariums are an attractive addition to many types of aquariums.
Marina Ecoscaper Silk Aquarium Plants Python Eco Tubes & Hide-Aways
Marina EcoScaper Silk Aquarium Plants provide true to nature settings that undulate with currents just like live plants. The natural-looking translucent colors can't fade and are completely safe for all aquarium occupants.
The Python Eco Tubes & Hide-Aways provides animals with a stress-free retreat. Made entirely from natural clays.
Will never fade, bleed, or rot. Safe for freshwater and saltwater applications.
Nature's Image Decorations: Aqua Ferns Underwater Treasures Coral Replicas
The Nature's Image Aqua Fern is a natural product that is harvested from the sea then cured and dried before color is added.
Underwater Treasureshas a wonderful line of coral replicas to compliment your custom aquatic environment. These realistic decorations are hand crafted and painted using only the highest quality materials.