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The premier Reef Aquarium Supply Internet retailer. With over 5,500 reef aquarium products we have everything needed for a reef aquarium.

MarineAndReef.com (aka The Aquatic Group) has been selling aquarium products on the Internet since 1998 and is located in beautiful Tempe, Arizona. We carry a wide variety of aquarium products. We don't have dog or cat products, the latest John Grisham bestseller or the Xbox. But we do have over 5,500 aquarium products.

We specialize in a couple areas. We're more oriented toward saltwater than freshwater and we carry a very wide selection of replacement parts. Many manufacturers send their parts customers to our Web site. We believe that aquarists should not throw away their products because they can't get a simple replacement part.

We try our best to keep our prices low while keeping our customer service first rate. Everyone answering your phone calls and Emails at MarineAndReef.com has an extensive knowledge of the products we sell. This is not true of the many companies out there who sell dog treats and catnip as well as aquarium products, or who sell pretty much everything and understand little about anything they sell. Try calling that big company named after a certain river and ask them to identify the correct replacement impeller for your canister filter. It could be a very interesting phone call. Keep in mind, we only answer the phone Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 11:00 am & 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm MT. We will return all phone calls through 3 PM the same day.