Phoenix Lemongrass is the premiere Vietnamese catering company in the Phoenix metro area. Whether you're planning a big party, office function, an intimate dinner or are just too tired to cook at home, count on them to serve your every gustatory need.

Linh, the proprietor, grew up in a household where her naturally-talented mother served delicious home-cooked meals every night. When she got married and moved from Vietnam to San Jose, CA she put on her apron strings and started whipping up tasty meals reminiscent of her mother's concoctions. Within that year, she decided to take her cooking a notch up by working as assistant chef for a high-end Vietnamese restaurant in Mountain View, CA.

More recently, under the tutelage of a famous chef in Saigon, Linh gained the extra culinary training she sought to complete her mastery of Vietnamese cuisine. She even taught beginner's classes in Vietnamese cooking to expatriates in Saigon. A few months ago, Linh relocated back to the United States and she is eager to continue along her cooking journey, using only the finest and freshest ingredients with the view of providing healthier and more creative Vietnamese food to the Greater Phoenix area.