Updated: 4/10/2020

MarineAndReef.com is located in Tempe, Arizona. At this time we are open and operating normally. Who knows what the future may bring with the COVID-19 crisis, but at this time we are operating normally. That said, we're going to great lengths to protect the health of our workers. Some of the measures we have put in place may slow us down a bit, and we may take an extra day to ship products. FedEx and the USPS may also have delays as they will also be taking measures to protect their workers.

A number of customers have asked us if they should expect shortages of aquarium product supplies. The answer is partly yes, partly no, and partly who knows.

Most aquarium foods, additives, substrates and salts sold in the United States market are manufactured in the United States. Many large manufacturers, such as Marineland, Aqueon, Seachem and API, have not shut down operations. Some California companies and New York companies are closed at this time. This includes E.S.V., Neptune Systems, Kordon and JBJ. Kessil shut down for a period, but they are back open.

A very high percentage of pumps, filters, lights, chillers, heaters and light bulbs are made overseas. China is the center of aquarium product manufacturing, and many Chinese companies shut down for a couple months. Yet, our orders of these products from manufacturers have not seen a significant drop in the fill rate. There was a lot of product already in American warehouses at the start of the COVID-19 crisis. There could be shortages at some point, but we're not quite there yet.

We can't speak for other retailers, but at this time our inventory level is at an all time high. If the shutdown in California and other states continues for another month or two there will be shortages. At that point you will still be able to get lights, pumps, filters, etc., but you may not be able to get the exact one you want.

If you purchased a product from MarineAndReef.com, and the manufacturer of the product is unable to provide warranty service because they are temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 crisis, we will take care of the warranty. Keep in mind that warranty service typically requires the customer to return the product prior to the product being replaced. Just contact [email protected] or 877.878.9349 for warranty service.