Anyone want a FREE Maxspect Jump 65W LED Light? We're giving one away. To be eligible for the drawing to win the Light, you need to answer the six questions below correctly. Send the correct answers to these six questions to Crazy Dave at [email protected].

To get the info to answer the questions correctly, please go to the Maxspect Jump MJ-L165 65W LED Lighting System page.

-We can only send the prize to addresses in the United States.
-Send in your entry with the answers to [email protected] by noon, Saturday, 10/31/20.
-One entry per family.

1. The Maxspect Jump LED Light includes:
A. Absolutely nothing but the Light. You’re lucky to get such an amazing Light for such a reasonable price.
B. The Jump Light with a built in controller and a Mounting Frame.
C. Sunglasses because it’s so bright.

2. The Maxspect Jump LED color temperature array:
A. Is the typical six LED colors.
B. Has TEN colors, including the hard to achieve (and very important) 390nm and 410nm.
C. Has colors not even the sun has been able to achieve.

3. The Maxspect Jump Mounting Frame:
A. Is perfect, as long as you have a standard 55 gallon tank and want the light exactly seven inches from the top of the water.
B. Will put the center of the light anywhere from 16 to 24 inches from the back of the tank, and 5” to 10” from the top of the water.
C. Is made of palladium/platinum composite and will survive a direct hit from a rocket mortar.

4. Who wrote a song called “Jump”?

A. Lemmy and the Lemmings
B. Eddie Van Halen
C. Jumping Jack Flash

5. When you change the Maxspect Jump color profile:

A. You will lose up to 40% of the intensity of the light, just like most lights on the market.
B. The light will still operate at 95% to 100% efficiency.
C. The light will enter warp speed and probably be in a different galaxy before you can blink your eyes.

6. Amazon Prime Day Promos Do NOT Include:

A. Giving away a free Maxspect Jump 65W LED Light.
B. Giving away a free Maxspect Jump 65W LED Light.
C. Giving away a free Maxspect Jump 65W LED Light.