Should You Name Your Fish? We think so.
Share The Name of Your Fish. We're Giving $100 Gift Cards to TWO Winners.

Should You Name Your Fish?
Many aquarists believe you should not name your fish because itís bad luck. Though my nickname is Crazy Dave, Iím a rational person. I donít believe naming a fish will cause the fish harm. But NOT giving a name to a fish could cause you to care less about the fish. Would you not name a dog or a cat?

Fish have many qualities that are similar to the qualities of dogs and cats.

Fish are Intelligent
Aquarium fish are smarter than most people realize. Particularly predatory and saltwater fish. It is very common for fish to recognize individuals. My fish at home get excited when I walk by. They anticipate they may get a meal. When my wife walks by the fish donít skip a beat, but when guests visit the fish hide. Just like cats and dogs, fish can become part of the family.

Fish are Long Lived
Unfortunately fish can be thought of as disposable, but Iíve have had the same two clownfish for nine years now. Many saltwater fish are known to live over 20 years in captivity while most freshwater fish will live at least 5 years in captivity. In many cases, the fish in the family aquarium will live longer than the family dog or cat!

Fish Depend on You
Even more than dogs or cats, fish need you. Dogs and Cats need you to give them food and water, but fish need you for their every breath. Without you keeping the aquarium filters and pumps running, the fish would not live long.

OK. But What About the $100 Gift Cards & Contest Rules?
-Submit the name of your fish to [email protected]. You can enter as many as five fish names per entry. We will randomly pick one winner for a $100 gift card (actually, $100 worth of Rewards Points).

-Then, there will also be a second $100 gift card given to the fish name we like best. But there is a catch. You also need to include a picture of your fish to win this second gift card.

-NOTE: You need to actually use these names for your fish. Weíre on the honor system here.

-Submit your entry with fish names to [email protected] by 10/16/23. Title your Email "Name Your Fish Contest." Winners will be announced on 10/17/2023.

-Nemo is not allowed.

-Crazy Dave