1. A MarineAndReef.com Gift Certificate
2. Algae Cleaning Magnets. Every aquarium has algae. Every aquarium needs an algae-cleaning magnet.
3. A Gravel Vac. Every aquarium has crud at the bottom of the tank and every aquarium requires water changes. A Gravel Vac will make cleaning and water changes much easier.
4. With the IceCap Clip-on Photo Lens Kit you can greatly improve the quality of photos taken of any aquarium.
5. Seeing the small little creatures in an aquarium can be difficult. You can enlarge the view with a Flipper Deep Sea Aquarium Viewer.
6. Anyone with corals in their aquarium can use an IceCap Coral Feeder.
7. Anyone with plants in their tank can use the OASE Plant Scissors.
8. Anyone with a saltwater aquarium can use a refractometer to measure salinity. We have our own branded, attractively priced, MarineAndReef.com Reefractometer.
9. A MarineAndReef.com Aquarium CleaningTowel. Aquarists can never have enough cleaning towels.
10. Make a charitable donation to a non-profit dedicated to ocean preservation, such as Oceana or the Coral Reef Alliance.