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CPR Aquatic CITR 3 Small Pro In Tank Refugium
CPR Aquatic CITR 3 Small Pro In Tank Refugium

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Brand & Manufacturer: CPR Aquatic In-Tank Refugium

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Product Code: RCPR03345

This CPR Aquatic CITR 3 Small Pro In-Tank Refugium is the latest version of the CITR Refugiums and has an updated grate design and 20% greater flow.

The CITR In-Tank Refugiums are "safe houses" that provide a protected area to help newly added fish or invertebrates easily acclimate to a new tank while also providing a place for injured fish or corals to regenerate damaged tissue without the need for a separate quarantine tank.

The CITRs also function as a culturing area for small organisms that are intended to be provided as a food source for the inhabitants of the main portion of the tank. The versatility and easy use of the CITRs make them a valuable addition to every aquarist's tank.

The CITR 3 has slots cut out of the side. Depending on circulation around the unit, a pump may not be required. This CITR Pro version has a back and is attached to the aquarium with an adjustable bracket.

  • 7.25 L x 4 W x 7.125 H
  • Includes an adjustable bracket for attachment to the back wall of the aquarium