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Aquariums by JBJ
Aquariums by Manufacturer:
JBJ Cubey Aquariums
The JBJ Cubey aquariums comes in 10, 15 and 20 gallons sizes and in black or white. There are optional black and white stands.
Aquariums by Manufacturer:
JBJ Flat Panel Rimless Aquariums
The all-in-one JBJ Rimless Flat Panel Aquarium has 8 mm high clarity flat panel glass. It includes a return pump, 4-inch micron sock filter and designated skimmer and heater chambers. To complete the look a ultra-modern black stand is also included. We've added the Orion SL-65 LED Aquarium Light--a great choice for a reef setup.
Aquariums by Manufacturer:
JBJ Nano Cube Aquariums SALE!!
We carry the new JBJ 28 Gallon Nano Cube WiFi LED Aquarium and the 12 & 24 Gallon LED NanoCubes.
Aquariums by Manufacturer:
JBJ Rimless Desktop Series Aquariums
JBJ’s Rimless Desktop Aquariums are small in size and big on features. With their low iron glass, three stage removable filter cartridges and its dimmable 2 channel LED light the JBJ Rimless Desktop Aquariums are the perfect choice for your desktop or counter top. Lean back relax and enjoy the new contemporary addition to your decor.