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Kessil A500X LED Lights, Light Mountss, WiFi Dongle & Extra Narrow Reflectors TAKE ME HIGHER Package
Kessil A500X LED Lights, Light Mounts, WiFi Dongle & Extra Narrow Reflectors TAKE ME HIGHER Package

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Brand & Manufacturer: Kessil LED Light

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Product Code: RKE34522-BUNDLE5


We will also ship any other Kessil products ordered with this light 2-Day Air, free of charge!

Appropriate for Reef Aquariums. Consult the Reef Aquarium Lighting Chart to determine the best light for your aquarium.

This package combines TWO Kessil A500X LED Aquarium Lights, TWO Kessil Extra Narrow A500X Reflector-35s, Kessil WiFi Dongle, a Kessil X-Series LED Light 90 Degree K-Link Cable, TWO Aqua Driver Articulating Kessil Light Mounts, and MarineAndReef.com Reefractometer. This package is for situations when you need to mount your light to a high canopy or ceiling. The Articulating Kessil Light Mount is for the mounting and the Extra Narrow Reflector is needed to focus the light.

The A500X is a powerful 185W high intensity LED designed specifically for experienced SPS coral growers. This fixture integrates the latest Dense Matrix LED technology with the proprietary Kessil Logic, and delivers a concentrated light with well blended spectrum for optimum SPS coral growth, health, and coloration. The beam of this flagship A500X can be adjusted with optional 35 and 55 degree reflectors and allow SPS corals to thrive in a variety of environments.

The Kessil Extra Narrow A500X Reflector-35 strengthens the light beam of the A500X for further penetration and contrast. This makes it much more effective if you were to attach your A500X to a high canopy or ceiling. With an easy to attach magnetic design, the reflector focuses the light output and increases the center light intensity by up to 5x while adding a dynamic depth to your tank. This accessory is perfect for deep tanks or SPS corals with very high light demands. The maximum penetration is 48 inches.

The Aqua Driver Tank Mount is black and has attachments for wood or machine screws to attach the mount to a surface, and an articulating screw mount that mounts to the Kessil A500X.

With the Kessil WiFi Dongle you can control the Kessil A500X LED Lights. The Dongle can be used to control the color and intensity of the light over time and uses a free phone app. The WiFi Dongle plugs into the K-Link port on the A500X lights. You will hardly notice the addition as the Dongle is only 2" X 1.25" X .5". We include a K-Link Cable to link the two lights together.

Why do we include a Reefractometer? Because anyone buying a Kessil A500X LED Aquarium Light has a reef aquarium, and if you have a reef aquarium you need to get the only Reefractometer on the market.

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