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Saltwater 50 to 150 Gallon Tank Nu-Clear Filter, Iwaki Pump, UV Sterilizer & Plumbing Package
Saltwater 50 to 150 Gallon Tank Filter, Pump, UV & Plumbing Package

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Our filtration packages bring together the best pumps (Iwaki) on the market with the best canister filters (Nu-Clear) and a Lifegard Aquatics 25W UV Sterilizer. This commercial filtration system package for freshwater tanks from 50 to 150 gallons is guaranteed to provide crystal clear water for many years to come.

The Nu-Clear Filter Basic Plumbing Package is also included. With the Plumbing Package you can easily connect this pump/filter combo to a Glass Marineland "Corner Flow" Tank, Aqueon "Reef Ready" Tank, or glass/acrylic tank with a built-in overflow. A 1" hose barb fitting is included to connect to a 1" drain bulkhead (not included) and a 3/4" hose barb fitting is included to connect to a 3/4" return bulkhead (not included).

If your tank does not have the plumbing fittings installed, please contact us and we can suggest the proper parts. As can be seen in the product shot, this plumbing includes two True Union Ball Valves, which will make it easy to shut off the water flow or disconnect the plumbing when it's time to service the filter or pump.

A Durable, Commercial Filter w/ a Greater Capacity Than Consumer Filters
The included Inland Seas Nu-Clear Model 533 Mechanical & Chemical Canister Filter has far more filtering material (30 sq ft) than the largest consumer canister filters on the market from Fluval, Marineland, Hydor, AquaTop and Penn-Plax.

The filter filters every drop of water through a 25 micron filter cartridge for the utmost clarity. The included 1.5 pound bag of activated carbon in the filter is far more carbon than in any consumer filter on the market.

The mechanical cartridge is designed to be reused for years! The cartridge can be cleaned and reused.

The Nu-Clear filter has a metal clamp band clamp, a molded hard plastic PVC body and durable parts & plumbing fittings that will not break easily as they do with your consumer canister filters.

A Pump That Can Handle Back Pressure
The Iwaki WMD-30RLT Pump, with a max head of 17.7 ft. and a flow rate of 510 gph, will not dramatically lose flow as your Nu-Clear Filter traps debris and makes it harder to pump water back your tank. The Iwaki Pumps are also relatively energy efficient and quiet when compared to other AC pumps of a similar size.

The Iwaki Pump & Nu-Clear Filter Might Last 15+ Years
Numerous service companies, consumers and stores using systems featuring Nu-Clear Filters and Iwaki pumps have reported the products lasted for well over 15 years.

A UV To Take Care of Nuisance Algae and Diseas Causing Micro-Organisms
The Lifegard Aquatics QL-Series 25 Watt UV Sterilizer produces UV light at 2537 angstroms, exerting a lethal effect on the unwanted, disease causing micro-organisms. Lifegard Aquatics UV sterilizers, when used properly, are extremely beneficial in destroying disease causing pathogens, harmful bacteria, mold spores, yeast, virus, protozoa, fungi as well as algae.

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