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Seachem CupriSorb, 250 ml
Seachem CupriSorb 250 ml

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Brand & Manufacturer: Seachem CupriSorb Filtration Media

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Product Code: RSC02060

Seachem CupriSorb is a narrow spectrum, synthetic adsorbent based filter material for removing copper and heavy metals from either freshwater or marine water. It extracts all types of copper, including chelated copper, and remains effective until it turns a deep blue-black color. It may be regenerated repeatedly. If placed in continuous service, it will gradually extract even precipitated copper and make invertebrate culture possible in tanks previously heavily treated with copper.

  • For freshwater & saltwater aquariums
  • A powerful copper specific chelating resin
  • Use 100 mL for every 60 gallons to remove up to 3,000 mg of copper
  • For best results, CupriSorb should be placed so as to maximize the flow of water through it. To remove undetectable substrate leaching copper keep CupriSorb in use for at least 2 weeks after copper tests report no copper. Use in a canister filter, chemical filtration module, box filter, or any high flow area of a trickle filter.

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