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Shipping Box 72"
Shipping Box 72"


Product Code: SHIPPINGBOX72

Shipping one aquarium lamp can be very expensive, and recently because of the new FedEx and UPS dimensional weight charges it has become much more expensive. A single 72" lamp can cost nearly $27 to ship. However, shipping 2, 3 or 4 really does not cost more. Instead of raising the price of the lamps (which would penalize those buying more than one lamp), we now have a Shipping Box charge as an incentive to buy more than one lamp. The charge is a single charge for the longest lamp. For example, if you purchase one 48" lamp the Shipping Box charge is $14.95. If you purchase one hundred 48" lamps and fifty 36" lamps the box charge is still $14.95.

The Shipping Box charges are as follows:

30 Shipping Box = $4
36 Shipping Box = $6
48 Shipping Box = $14.95
60 Shipping Box = $17

Remember, there will be a maximum of one Shipping Box charge per order. You will only be charged for the longest lamp.