For 2021 we will NOT be repeating the Coal For Christmas fiasco from the past. Are they making chimneys smaller or did Crazy Dave eat too much of Aunt Mildred’s Fruit Cake? We’re not sure, but we think we’ve come up with a better way of delivering Coal for Christmas.

This year the coal (in the form of Inland Seas 6 oz Activated Carbon) will be delivered by the fine men and women of the USPS and FedEx. And we’re pretty sure they won’t be delivering the coal through the chimney. Who knows, they may not even stop the truck when delivering your package!

Directions for Getting Coal

*To get the Activated Carbon, just put the phrase “Coal For Christmas” into the Order Comments box (above the "Place Order" button) when checking out. You will NOT get Coal for Christmas unless you do this. The giveaway runs from 12/25/2021.