YOU'RE ALL Should You Name Your Fish? CONTEST WINNERS!!!
(...but not everyone gets a gift card)
Yes, everyone who entered the contest is a winner because they've bothered to name their fish. And that's the right thing to do.

But enough of that everyone-gets-a-participation-trophy-mentality. Who actually won the contests?

To be entered into this part of the contest you needed to include a picture, and most folks didn't. But we still got plenty of great entries. The three judges each voted for a different winner. Here are the three finalists:

-Ted Bundy

Jaron Hudson voted for Hudson. Maybe he can't be bought, but he can be flattered.

I voted for Jesus. Word to the wise: don't bet against Jesus.

Cel voted for Ted Bundy. He (the human, not the fish) killed someone on her birthday. If that makes sense to you ... Anyway, a democracy is a democracy.

For the tie-breaker, I asked the first person at work I ran into as I left my office to be the tie-breaker (as the rules very clearly specify). Lourica chose Jesus (even though she made it clear she doesn't believe in him).

So, congratulations Jesus and your keeper Mike, from Solvang, California! And here is the story that goes along with the name:

"Hi Dave, Please meet Jesus. I have to tell you the story of his name. So we had our little wrasse for a couple years, and he was so good about cleaning the other fish (He didnít have a name then.). One day I asked my husband if he had seen the wrasse. He said no, and I said oh, no. He must have died and the hermit crab ate him. So about 3 months had passed, and one day I saw a blue flash in the filter hanging off the side. It was the wrasse! He survived! So we got him out of the filter, and I named him Jesus, cuz he rose from the dead. He survived our move 150 mile drive as well, and he is at least 10 years old. I didnít think they lived that long. His head is not the vibrant blue it was, but he swims all over and is very active. He is a long time joy to see him in our tank." Reactions:
Cel: "Jesus is supposed to walk on water, not swim."
Jaron Hudson: "Blue Streak Cleaner Wrasses are hard to keep alive. 10 years is a long time."
Crazy Dave: "Hudson? Seriously! Hudson? Why not Crazy Dave? Or Cel, or Celery. Anything but Hudson."

The winner of the randomly picked name portion of the contest is Mark from Irving, Texas. His fish is an Engineer Goby named George Goby. He also has a Star Blenny named Jack Blenny. They reside in his 215-gallon mixed reef tank.

If you know why he named his fish Jack Blenny, you're definitely a Boomer or better. Cel doesn't know who Jack Benny is. She does know Milli Vanilli is. That's the limit of the reach of her historical knowledge.

-Crazy Dave