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55 to 75 Gallon Reef Aquarium ULTIMATE BUILDER WITHOUT Tank

This 55 to 75 Gallon Reef Aquarium Ultimate BUILDER WITHOUT Tank does NOT include the aquarium. You can buy standard glass aquariums and stands very cheaply at the local fish store, Petco or PetSmart. We do not sell them because they are expensive to ship and easy to buy locally. Just make sure the aquarium you buy is a standard aquarium ( no integrated plumbing or filtration) that is nominally 48 inches in length and anywhere from 55 to 75 gallons. The pictured aquarium is an Aqueon 55 Gallon Standard Aquarium (48.25" x 12.75" x 21").

Assuming you already have the tank and stand, this Ultimate Bundle will give you all the most essential products you will need to have a functioning reef aquarium. Why these products are needed is outlined in our What Is Absolutely Needed For A Reef Aquarium Article. NOTE: You will need two of the Hydor Koralia Nano Evolution 565 gph Powerheads. You can increase the quantity in the shopping cart. NOTE: You will need to order both the CaribSea LifeRock Shapes 20 pounds & 15 pounds to get the 35 pounds we think is needed. NOTE: You will want to order multiple bags of the Brightwell Aquatics NeoMarine 16 Gallon Salt Mix.
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Keep in mind that some products are not included in this Builder because the choices of which item to purchase depends on your particular situation. Your fish food choice depends on the type of fish you will have. You may or may not need a heater—it really depends on the temperature of the room where the aquarium is in. You will need a gravel vac, but which one you purchase depends on whether you will run the water into a sink or container. We also recommend using a GF/CI, but you might already have GF/CI outlets in your home. You might purchase an RO/DI System, or you might purchase your RO/DI water at the local fish store. Please contact us for help in choosing the best food, heater, gravel vac and RO/DI.